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Flexible Aqua Water Tank 250ml

Flexible Aqua Water Tank 250ml


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Aqua Tanks

Collect rain water using Aqua Tanks, now available from Growlush.

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Rain water is great for use in your outdoor and indoor gardens and in hydroponic reservoir tanks. Aqua Tanks, available in 26.41-gal. (100 L) and 66.03-gal. (250 L), are collapsible water tanks made out of non-toxic, 100% lightproof material. Each Aqua Tank includes filtered water inlets and outlets. Aqua Tanks include the frame, ring, water tank, lid, filter inlet and outlet tap. Every tank is test-filled prior to shipping to ensure there are no nasty leaks.


Diameter 40cm, Height 87cm

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Weight 5 kg

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